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Passion and research

for more than ten years

Our story

Disìo finds its roots in the heart of Sicily, from the passion of two young entrepreneurs having considerable experience in the field of Pastry and Gelato. Our first business adventure was in 2007. Over the years, tradition, determination, link with the geographical area and the flow of innovative ideas have marked different evolutionary phases in the company history. Today, what was a small reality, is a fast growing company. Disìo, (Sicilian word for “desire”) is a dynamic and flexible company, attentive to market needs. The careful selection of raw materials, the constant production processes control and the total support provided to the customer are the key points of our work. Thanks to a team of professionals, attentive to progress and innovations, we are an important reference point for master craftsmen who want to work with passion, imagination and commitment, using innovative and high quality products.

Our mission

Disìo is the result of passion, competence and research. We combine tradition and strong innovation, producing a wide range of semi-finished ingredients for master craftsmen who love to look at quality as an essential starting point towards excellence. Our goal is to create unique high quality products with inimitable taste through innovative research and production processes.
This strategic goal is nothing more than the result of a company philosophy, based on the love for tradition, passion for quality, advanced production technologies, product innovation, technical and commercial professionalism and customer care.

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