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Stuffing has never been so delicious

It's called Capricci but it aims at simplifying the work of artisans, without sacrificing quality and innovation. Raw materials selected with care and non-compromising quality in many lines of products between tradition and new tendencies.

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When desire meets modernity

Two young enterpreneurs having considerable experience, authentic flavours, a shared dream and a keen eye: here are the Disìo signed flavours, for a super tasty summer. From the revolutionary Ruby chocolate to the delicious kits.

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The passion for the good makes the difference

Disìo's customers claim that this Sicilian company has a different way of interpreting Gelato, the same unexplicable diversity which allows them to have a great success with their custom. Well, that unexplicable diversity is their true discipline, the challenge to make the difference.

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When Passion meets Excellence

Disìo's products, born in the heart of Sicily (one of the most beautiful italian regions), after conquering the heart of many Pastry shops in Italy and abroad, are also becoming more and more the reference point in the Gelato world.

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A sweet desire

The wide Disìo proposal represents the authentic expression of Sicily, which welcomes genuine flavors balancing tradition and innovation.

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10 years, A going on story.

Disìo is a exponentially growing company based in Caltanissetta which is becoming a reference point in the sector.

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