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The search of excellence

Quality, research and passion are the values that always guide our way of working.


Disìo, being a ductile and dynamic enterprise, has always been committed to select the best raw materials through an attentive analysis, a huge number of checks, tests and cutting-edge transformation processes that create a quality standard focused on fast and efficient shipments.
The natural selection of the best raw materials and the age-old culture of their processing, has brought to the creation of a range of specialties thought for artisans colleagues who will turn them in true flavor emotions.


The consistent innovation of our products is the result of a careful and continuous research and development. Provided with a dynamic and flexible structure, Disìo is able to promptly adopt requests from the market.
Therefore, Disìo is an agile and streamlined company characterized by a deep knowledge of products and technologies. Research and innovation go hand in hand and this allows us to propose effective and innovative ingredients, suitable for every master confectioners' need.


All the Disìo products, from semi-finished products for pastry and gelato to our creams are the result of a careful, meticulous and respectful traditional craftsmanship that provide Disìo's delicacies with the taste of uniqueness.
The passion for the good, genuine, natural is the main and irreplaceable ingredient that makes our products unique.


Customer care is another fundamental pillar for the company.
We consider the customer to be a precious value, our main resource, the bearer of stimuli and ideas, and, therefore, the driving force of innovation. The customer is our priority and we work to make our success his success.
Aware of the great expectations towards us we always give our best, committing ourselves to guaranteeing standards of excellence consistent over time. In order to better fulfill this responsibility, Disìo has provided itself with a strategic consultancy and marketing office, to follow and support each customer meeting his most specific need.

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