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Limited Edition Club


To select a small circle of artisans interested in purchasing limited edition products. These products characteristics are out of the ordinary and require an extraordinary commitment in the selection,in the use and processing of absolute excellence raw materials.


To create a direct collaboration between DISIO and its associates to raise them to the highest quality level of handmade products. To create artisan value, making our technology, know-how and best raw material research in the world available to our partners.

Club Characteristics

Considering that the production of LIMITED EDITION products will be a “non-standard”, it will be managed according to available periods and quantities. The number of associates will reach a maximum of 200 artisans on the Italian territory.

Registrations and renewals

Registration will be managed by our local agents and the subscription will be sent to the company.
The member will receive a numbered card with which he can make purchases in the relevant calendar year. Registration will be renewed annually with a new card issue.

The cards of members who have not made purchases will not be renewed.

Upon reaching the maximum number of associates, new associations cannot be made. They will be possible only when one of the old members refrain from the renewal so that the corresponding number of card will therefore be available.

Sale supports

Periodically, and if necessary, window stickers, single stickers and other graphic support will be sent, in order to communicate the use of the highest quality products to the final consumer.


The member can talk about the club membership on social networks by publishing the graphic supports in his possession.


The member can send new limited edition products proposals to the specific email address, indicating the appropriate characteristics. The same will be taken into consideration and, as far as possible, created.


To create a direct collaboration between DISIO and its associates to raise them to the highest quality level of handmade products.


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