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Gelato Pastry Modern Pastry Decorations


These delicious creams are ideal to variegate your gelato, and to fill and decorate cakes, semifreddos and mousses.

Article Foto Description Code Pack. for cart. Net weight for pack.
LaFrolla Traditional shortbread flavor, ready to use cream. D43 2 3 kg
Marzapane Marzapane flavor cream, green color. D44 2 3 kg
Krokkonocciola Hazelnut cream with crispy rice and hazelnuts D45 2 3 kg
Paradì Custard cream with lemon notes and shortbread micrograins D46 2 3 kg
Qbano Dark chocolate flavor cream with citrus praline hazelnut inclusions D47 2 3 kg
PistArancia Ready to use pistachio cream with citrus hazelnuts grains D48 2 3 kg
Viennese Dark chocolate cream with cruncy crusts D49 2 3 kg
Torinocrock Gianduja cream with grains and little crunchy crusts D50 2 3 kg
Lattecrock Milk chocolate flavor cream with praline almond sticks D51 2 3 kg
Torino-Napoli Gianduija and just-toasted coffee cream with crunchy inclusions D52 2 3 kg
Ciocco&Latte Wafer Milk chocolate variegate with crunchy wafers. D35 2 3 kg
Hazelnut Wafer Hazelnut variegate with crunchy wafers. D36 2 3 kg
Black Cherry Black Cherry variegate. D11 2 3 kg
Bisconero Dark chocolate variegate with cocoa biscuits. D02 2 3 kg
Orange Orange variegate. DC03 2 3 kg
White Wafer White chocolate variegate with crunchy wafers. D34 2 3 kg
Noccioloso Gianduja cream having a better consistency D37 2 6 kg
Crema Catalana Catalan cream flavor ready to use cream D42 2 3 kg
Pistachio Limited Edition Stuffing with 40% of pistachios D40 2 3 kg
Roch Limited Edition Roch flavor stuffing containing 40% of hazelnuts and single-origin cocoa. D42 2 3 kg
Hazelnut Limited Edition Stuffing containing 40% of hazelnuts D39 2 3 kg
Almond Limited Edition Stuffing containing 40% of almonds D38 2 3 kg
Biscottino Crispy biscuits variegate. D03 2 3 kg
Cannolo Real Sicilian Cannoli variegate. D22 2 3 kg
Cassata Siciliana Sicilian candied fruit mix variegate. D30 2 3 kg
Mou cream Caramel mou variegate. DC02 2 0.850 kg
Crème Caramel Crème caramel variegate. DC01 2 3 kg
Wild strawberries Delicious wild strawberries variegate. DC06 2 3 kg
Berries Berries variegate. DC07 2 3 kg
Raspberry Raspberry variegate. D14 2 3 kg
Pralinè Hazelnut praline based crunchy variegate. D31 2 3 kg
Ruffianello Almond variegate with toasted almond grains. D32 2 3 kg
Ciocco&Latte sauce Milk chocolate variegate. D13 2 3 kg
Segreti di bosco Hazelnut variegate with crunchy inclusions. D28 2 3 kg
Snooky Gianduja variegate with salted and toasted peanuts. D10 2 3 kg


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