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Gelato Pastry Modern Pastry Decorations


Wide range of products designed to embellish, decorate and customize your own creations.

Article Foto Description Code Pack. for cart. Net weight for pack.
Candied almond sticks Toasted and candied almond sticks. OC01 2 1 kg
Biancovelo Non-hygroscopic sugar for decorations OC02 3 1.5 kg
Coconut rapè Grated dried coconut (medium grains). OC32 2 1 kg
Crispy Cioccobianchi Mignon cereals covered with white chocolate. OC04 2 1 kg
Crispy Cioccofondente Mignon cereals covered with dark chocolate. OC05 2 1 kg
Crispy Cioccolatte Mignon cereals covered with milk chocolate. OC08 2 1 kg
Amaretto grains Delicious amaretto grains (5 mm.). OC18 2 0.600 kg
Biscuit grains Delicious biscuit grains. OC19 2 1 kg
Granules mix Mixture of hazelnut, biscuit and crispy puff pastry granules. OC30 2 1,5 kg
Citrus Candied hazelnut grains Crunchy hazelnut grains flavored with citrus fruits. OC15 2 1 kg
Hazelnut granules1 Toasted hazelnut granules (2/4 mm.)1 OC28 2 1 kg
Extra grains Mixture of amaretto, biscuits, almonds and dark chocolate grains. OC24 3 1 kg
Toasted almond granules Toasted almond granules OC25 2 2 kg
Roasted hazelnut grains Roasted hazelnut grains (13/16 mm.). OC13 2 2 kg
Meringue grains Crumbly and sweet meringue grains. OC20 2 0.600 kg
Toasted pistachio grains Roasted pistachio grains (4/6 mm.). OC16 2 1 kg
Chocolate drops Funny, cool and colorful chocolate drops. OC21 3 1.5 kg
Toasted hazelnuts Toasted hazelnut granules (8/12 mm.) OC27 2 2 kg
Hazelnuts Giffoni's hazelnuts OC22 2 2 kg
Crispy puffed rice Soft and crispy puffed rice OC23 2 0.600 kg
Candy sugar powder Caramel sugar syrup OC26 2 1 kg


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